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Insurance industry officials have spent considerable time and energy worrying about what the long-awaited report by the Federal Insurance Office might say.  The report on state insurance regulation has not been released, but a newly discovered outline offers tantalizing clues about what the final report may contain.   Washington insider Charlie Richardson found the outline while watching election night coverage at Tortilla Coast, a popular DC hangout that serves excellent guacamole.    “It sure looks authentic to me,” said Richardson, addressing a crush of reporters outside his K Street office.  But Federal Insurance Director Mike McRaith was quick to disavow any knowledge of the outline, its author or anything else having to do with the report.  “I think this might be a cruel hoax perpetrated by someone who has really good ideas,” said the Director. “Frankly, I wish we had asked that person to write the report.” Cruel hoax or monumental discovery?  FORC Journal subscribers are advised to check out the document and decide for themselves.