Office of Insurance Regulation Working on AOB Reporting Format
The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation is beginning to work toward adopting a rule establishing a format for future Assignment of Benefits (AOB) data calls.  The OIR has conducted two prior AOB data calls and is the process of conducting a third.  The Florida legislature enacted reforms in 2019 designed to curtail abuses with assignments.  The anticipated new AOB reporting format will allow the Office of Insurance Regulation to monitor and report on claims trends following the reforms to assess their effectiveness.

Florida Reevaluates Hurricane Response Plans Due to COVID-19
Florida’s Division of Emergency Management is rethinking many aspects of the state’s hurricane response plan in light of COVID-19.  With the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season only about a month away, the state might not be able to rely on strategies from past storms.  New issues include a potential inability to house large numbers of people in common shelters, concerns with transportation and logistics during evacuations and recovery periods, an increased need for protective equipment during the recovery period, and a potential reduction in the number of willing and available volunteers.
The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation has issued/updated the following Informational Memorandums: