About FORC 

For nearly 30 years, FORC has promoted the common interest of legal counsel who specialize in the representation of insurance companies before insurance regulatory bodies.  FORC members are dedicated to excellence in the practice of regulatory law.  

Each of our member profiles highlight the areas of specialty they are capable of performing as follows:   

Insurance Business Transactions - Reinsurance, acquisitions, company formations, mergers, redomestication, corporate governance, purchase and sale of blocks of business, etc.
Legislation - Drafting, amending, proposing, monitoring and opposing bills, and resolutions relating to insurance laws and regulations.
Litigation - Disputes involving insurance business transactions or regulatory enforcement actions, but not insurance claims disputes.
Regulation - Liaison with state insurance regulatory officials regarding insurance company matters, agent or broker matters, policy filings, transaction filings, admissions, rule making, prehearing investigations, etc.

FORC members have strong reputations, meet high member standards, and are recommended by a minimum of three insurance executives from unrelated companies.  The recommendations come from general counsel or other senior-related executives who have the responsibility for regulatory compliance in the insurance company.  The FORC Admissions Committee reviews and investigates all applications and recommendations in detail, ensuring that membership criteria has been met.  Applicants are then referred to the FORC Board of Directors for additional consideration to ensure only esteemed counsel with the utmost skill and experience is accepted.